20. Oktober 2020

Lehrausgang der 7C zur Banksy Ausstellung

Im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts hat die 7C am 02.10.2020 eine Exkursion zur Banksy Exhibition in den Sofiensälen, Wien, gemacht. Schülerinnen geben Feedback zur Exkursion:

“I liked the graffiti of the girl with the balloon best. It describes that there is always hope and maybe it gives people the motivation to carry on in life despite seemingly dreary circumstances. Love, symbolised by the balloon, is a fundamental human need and it must be cherished. Everyone needs love from their parents and friends, otherwise you do not have a happy life or always get the feeling you are not important in the world; but you are.“

Angelika Piffl, 7C

The picture I chose is called “Flower Chucker”. If you look at the artwork, you can see a man who has covered half of his face while throwing a bouquet of flowers. I took this piece of art because I just really love how it looks. It is one of Banksy’s classics and well known, and I also like its message. Because instead of a grenade, the man throws flowers, which means that instead of war, we should spread peace and love. – Banksy’s art always has a message which everyone can understand and you can interpret in many different ways.”

Kiki Mattes, 7C