8. März 2023

Fashion Show der 1A

Fashion Show in 1a 

Having a fashion show in our class definitely was a challenge, but somehow, we made it. As the DJ, it was very hard to match the music to the models´ exquisite movements as they stepped onto the catwalk. The models also experienced several inconveniences like getting dressed on time, figuring out who goes next and so on. The judges took their work seriously and discussed all the pros and cons, as well as how well the outfits worked altogether. Here´s a word from one of our models: 

-Amalia R. Kolanek 

As a model I had a different point of view than the DJ and judges. Unlike them I felt a lot of pressure of checking my outfit, hair, makeup and just trying to make it look good. Not to mention walking like an actual model, that was a real challenge. I think all the models did a great job on the catwalk and helped it become such a unique experience. Like our DJ said the judges did a really good job in evaluating the outfits, they made a fair analysis on each model and their designs. I would like to thank everyone who made this happen, it was an experience unlike any other. 

-Aline B. Teixeira