20. März 2023

The carnival

It was the 21st of February 2023, the carnival was very funny and we played lots of games.

Class 1a enjoyed the carnival krapfen they got from our school and their own sweets.

I remember the game called “fruit salad”. It’s my favourite one! Each kid is a fruit, I was lime. And there is a child in the middle, it should touch the kid with the right name. For example: I am the lime and we’ve got a beginner fruit, I say apple. The apple says “ lime “ before the black cat (child in the middle) touches the apple. And I say lemon before he touches me. The lemon says blueberry, but if the blueberry is too slow it is the new black cat. A very nice game. Have fun and try it, too!

And there was another game, called “Psychiatric ward “. We had two doctors, Fanny and Dylan. The other children pretend they are suffering from a strange type of illness.

The doctors don’t know what it is and what to do. They ask questions and the patients always answer the question of the child before them.

Not so easy for the poor doctors! But our doctors found out pretty quickly. Congrats to Dylan and Fanny, I think they were a perfect team!

Isabella Straka

on behalf of class 1a